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The greenhouse gas auditing tool especially designed for land based industries

We are a dedicated team of farmers and research scientists who were the first in the UK to provide a series of global IPCC compliant web-based carbon equivalent calculators especially designed for agricultural enterprises. Our CPLANv2 emissions calculator (enter below) is the only user operated web-based model which automatically provides farmers, consultants, academics and students with both the average and the upper and lower estimates of their greenhouse gas budgets.

Follow the menu on the left for explanations and advice on climate change issues, and signposting to mitigation and useful products. Our specialist consultancy team can supplement this by supporting you with PAS2050:2008 Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), carbon trading possibilities, and advice on how greenhouse gas policy impacts your business.


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Check out our new YouTube channel for a video guide to the CPLANv2 Calculator and other useful videos!


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